Businesses everywhere face ever-increasing high-intensity cyber attacks.
How prepared are we to help our own organizations keep these threats at bay? 

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Ixia organised Singapore's first Ixia Cyber Combat!

7 December 2017


The Ixia Cyber Combat was an intense 12-hour test of skill, strategy and endurance, where seasoned cybersecurity professionals pit their skills against industry peers, and were exposed to a range of new tools and situations that they took back to their business.  

In this attack-and-defend Cyber Combat, they got to attack enemy servers, expose vulnerabilities and win “flags”, while defending their “fortress” from enemy onslaught.


Ixia, a Keysight company, is the global leader in network and applications testing and validation. Its Cyber Range solution and services provide leading government bodies and enterprises the most comprehensive cyber defence skills training and development platform and training.

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